How do I customise my item? 
Select the 'Personlise It' button on the product page, follow the prompts to see a preview of your item displayed for a rough guide.

Choose from modern, cursive or script font, you can choose up to 8 letters/characters. The less letters, the bigger the font.

 Please ensure all spelling and grammar is correct, how it is typed in the box above, is how it will appear on your sleepwear.

 Please allow 1- 3 business days for all personalised orders to be dispatched.

 What font will my personalisation be?
 We have three fonts to choose from: Script, Cursive and Modern
 Do I have to personalise my sleepwear?
No you don’t have to personalise your sleepwear. The price is the same with or without personalisation. Your order will be dispatched the following business day if you do not choose to add personalisation.